About the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

The BBB is a leader in public services related to ethical business practices and dispute resolution. It is our passion to promote honesty and integrity in the marketplace. We are committed to and guided by trust, respect and fairness. Our aim is to help make the local community a better place in which we can all live, work and prosper.

The BBB promotes integrity and business ethics through self-regulation in the marketplace. Services provided by the BBB include a 24-Hour automated telephone inquiry service, which provides reliability reports on companies and charitable organizations. In addition the BBB provides complaint filing services, general monitoring of advertising in the marketplace, dispute resolution services and consumer/business education programs. BBB information and services are provided at no cost to the public with the exception of mediation and arbitration services.

The BBB is funded by Membership dues from nearly 7,000 business and professional firms in the Mid-Atlantic Region. Members of the BBB support the BBB because they believe in and commit to abide by the principles of the BBB. Members are able to take advantage of certain benefits and services.


About the American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA)

American moving and Storage Association Mission is to represent and enhance the Domestic and international moving and storage industry.

Our members are professional movers moving customers intrastate (within state) and interstate (out of state). These members also provide storage and secure warehousing services.

Also offered in the AMSA is the certified movers program. It designate professional movers that agreed to follow the industry code of conduct by performing quality moves and responding to customer complaints in a timely manner.

These certified members have agreed to provide complete disclosure of moving information, published their tariffs, timely service and prompt response to claims and complaints from their customers.

Two types of moving companies are an integrated part of AMSA but follow the same code of conduct. The Certified Movers are regional and national carriers that operates independently under their own interstate operating authority.

Certified Van Lines are national and international carriers that operated through a network of agents located across the country-each agent is certified by virtue of its affiliation with their certified Vanlines.


About the CAM (Canadian Association of Movers)

We are the Canadian Association of Movers, Canada’s trade association for moving and storage companies. Our aim is to help you find a mover you can trust.Our members are Canada’s leading movers and relocation companies, van lines, international movers both in Canada and overseas, suppliers to the industry and trade associations in other countries.

You can visit our link and accredited members at:


About the HHGFAA (Household Goods Forwarders Associations of America)

HHGFAA is a global association of forwarders and movers committed to providing customers with the highest level of service available. Our worldwide membership of over 1800 companies from more than 160 countries and territories are available to move you wherever life may take you.



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